Welcome to the Artist Hub! If you’re looking for someone to commission for custom art, this is the right place! Showcased below are some of our artists from our Discord community, as well as a couple friends of the AJA. Click through the slideshows to see examples of each artist’s work, and you can find their contact information below. Many artists on this page will take Animal Jam items as payment

PLEASE NOTE: The Animal Jam Archives is not responsible if you do not get your art delivered, or there is an issue with the commission. If you need to report someone on this page, please contact the owner of our Discord server, Yellowdash.


Email: bellafoxaj@gmail.com

Discord: Spring#8783

Accepts: AJ Items


Email: ria.sarma11@gmail.com

Accepts: AJ Items


Email: rabbtart@gmail.com

Accepts: Real Money


Email: WolfofAlaska@hotmail.com

Accepts: AJ Items


Email: spookedgoofgaming@gmail.com

Discord: Spooked#9407

Accepts: AJ Items


Email: ciakrossfyre@gmail.com

Accepts: AJ Items


Email: kirbyisnotpink@gmail.com

Accepts: AJ Items


Email: xrandom.girl.1987x@gmail.com

Accepts: AJ Items


Email: emily@walterland.com

Discord: PlatinumSans#4421

Accepts: AJ Items and Real Money


Email: plumpis@live.se

Accepts: AJ Items

The Animal Jam Archives is not responsible for any content that you may find on these artists social media pages.