Hey jammers! Diamonds are a popular currency in Jamaa, used to buy everything from animals and items to masterpieces and music. A while back the first diamond code was introduced in the form of a puzzle written in the Animal Jam Official Insider's Guide. This code was "twelve," and gifted a few diamonds to your Animal Jam account. Sadly that code has since been deactivated, and no other free diamond codes have come to take its place. Personal diamond codes can be purchased in Animal Jam Outfitters!

Since the addition of the Member Diamond Spin there has been less and less demand for this shiny currency, but jammers should still take caution if others offer "free diamond codes." Usually this is a method for stealing account information – remember to never give anyone your password, even if they promise to give you diamonds, gems or membership.

Diamond codes may be another way for mean jammers to take control of your account, so be sure to only accept these codes as gifts from family members or real-life friends.

Sadly giving away diamond codes is against Animal Jam's policy, and without express permission from AJHQ we can't give away diamond codes on the Animal Jam Archives. Be sure to check back for other types of giveaways and contests though, there is much to do here on AJA!