Maaterpiece Monday #20

Hello! I’m KingJamaa, and today I’ll be showcasing four wonderful masterpieces. How about we get started?


CupCakeCeline’s car masterpiece really took my breath away. The highlights and choice of color are amazing, as well as the overall shape of the vehicle itself.


Next up, we have doglil’s piece of cherry blossoms. I adore the hues used, and the bridge ties the work together.

 Thirdly, we have  Magic1vy ’s realistic cat art. The small brush strokes are wonderful, and the anatomy is great!

Thirdly, we have Magic1vy’s realistic cat art. The small brush strokes are wonderful, and the anatomy is great!


FInally, we have Gundisalvus’ piece of Sans from the game Undertale. The skeleton’s cartoonish shape is very pleasing, and the swirl is so well done. Awesome job!

Anyways, that’ll be it for it. here. Have an awesome week, everybody! 


Masterpiece Monday #19

Hey! I’m KingJamaa, and today I’ll be presenting you the ninteenth edition of Masterpiece Monday. How’s about we get started?


Starbeing has created an amazing human art piece. I love the detailing, and even shading is glorious as well. The background also gives an interesting vibe to the work. 


Our next piece is made by Squidgirl23. I love the lineless style, and the colors are very similar to Julian’s horse which I enjoy.


tigernations’ sunset masterpiece is phenomenally awesome. The blending is so cool, and the shades are brilliant. 


Finally, Artymis’ cloud piece is fantastic. The colors they used are amazing, and the shading is gorgeous.

Anyways, that’s it for today. I’ll see you all next week! 


Editing Contest!

The AJ Archives is hosting an EDITING CONTEST! You can make any sort of edit you want, be it a comic, collage, meme, or anything else you can come up with. The challenge? You can ONLY use assets from our website We're also be giving out prizes for the winners. 1st place will receive a black long spiked collar! 2nd place's prize is a pink long, and 3rd is a yellow short collar. You can submit entries by posting them on Instagram, with the hashtag #animaljamarchives, or by direct messaging Relays#1434 on discord. Best of luck to all who enter!


Masterpiece Monday #18

Hey there, Jammers! Welcome to the eighteenth edition of Masterpiece Monday. I hope you’re having a great day, and maybe it’ll get even better upon viewing these gorgeous masterpieces. 


Our first piece is drawn by Skystari. I love the colors they used, and he blending is amazingly done. Additionally, I love the use of the smudge tool!


 starandyou has made our second piece of the week. I adore the lineart, and the colors are so pleasing.


Artymis never fails to impress, especially with this rhino artwork. The dark colors mixed with the bright whites and grays really pays off, and the anatomy is phenomenal. 


Finally, 5weetpeas’ border collie art really caught my eye. The colors used are gorgeous, and the way the piece is put together is awesome. 

Anyways, that’ll be it for this week. I’ll see you next time, and play wild!


What do you remember about Monthly Member Gifts? Take this quiz to find out!

Hey jammers, Yellow here! If you’re a bit of an older jammer like me, you might remember back when AJHQ gave out Monthly Member Gifts. Today I’ve got a special quiz for you to see how much you know of (or remember!) of those times. Check it out right below that nice picture of Jamma Township.

Eggstravaganza Egg and Pet Guide

Happy Thursday, jammers! Elvis here with a brand new Eggstravaganza pet guide! Thanks to the incredible work by artist and Instajammer 1y2e3r4u, you can now predict what kind of features your pet might have when it hatches! These Night of the Phantoms themed eggs will be available all of October in the Diamond Shop for the price of 3 diamonds. Within three days your egg will hatch and you’ll have yourself a new pet poodle moth, millipede, or baby vulture. While we can’t predict what animal your egg will hatch into, we hope this key helps you in decorating your egg!

Egg Guide 3.png

Be sure to stop by the Animal Jam Archives every week for more news, updates, and assets! If you repost this key, be sure to tag us @animaljamarchives on instagram!

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Masterpiece Monday #17

Salutations, Jammers! I’m King, and today I’ll be showcasing four different masterpieces. How about we get started?


Our first piece is made by Pleasenosuddenmoves. I adore this masterpiece not only because it’s of a member of my favorite band, but it’s gorgeously done! I love the detail on Tyler’s skin, and his glassed are well made- especially the glare! Additionally, the anatomy amd shading is awesome for this monochrome piece.


 Masternibblenugetts has made an adorable cat masterpiece. The effects on this are gorgeous, and the blending is fantastic! I love the background as well, the colors go so nicely together! All in all, this is a very well-done piece.


Next up, we have a wonderful scenery piece by tigernations! I absolutely love how the colors are used, though the palette is so pleasing.  With the limitations of the AJ paint studio, this artist certainly did a great job!


Last but not least brings us Creativelight’s anthropomorphic raccoon artwork! The Golden lineart makes the character pop, and the white background has the same affect on the piece. Finally, the items are so well done ame this artist has an amazing style!

Well, that’s it for today. I’ll see you next week, and be sure to play wild! 


Penguins have returned! In the form of a code?

Hey jammers! Yellow here, and while I usually don’t report on news, I just had to write something about this new exciting code!

Entering the code “Penguins“ (without the quotes) will unlock special items in Animal Jam and AJ Play Wild!


These are some pretty amazing prizes for a free code! Thank you to Diamondmom76 for the Play Wild Images

Happy jamming everyone, and waddle on as your new penguins!


Masterpiece Monday #16

Salutations, Jammers! I’m King, and I’ll be producing the sixteenth week of Masterpiece Monday.


cottonball43520 has created our first piece for today. The rabbit is adorable, and the gradient background is lovely. In addition, I adore the shading! 


ELeeney’s masterpiece of Nick Wilde from Zootopia really caught my attention. I love the offset green background, and the fur colors are very close to the movie’s shades. In addition, I love the effect of the black lineart!


Thirdly, we have Toxicmedow4601’s Sir Gilbert piece. In general, this artist is very talented, and this masterpiece doesn’t fail to show that. The detailing and shading is amazing, and he realism is spontaneous. 


Last but not least is Galactakirby’s adorable pixel artwork of the video game character Kirby. The piece’s simplicity really makes a difference, and the cel-shading and pastel colors are phenomenal.

If you’d like to see your piece here, don’t be afraid to shoot us an email at with the subject line Masterpiece Monday Submission

Anyways, that’s it for this week. Play wild! 


Masterpiece Monday #15

Salutations! I’m KingJamaa, and today I’m presenting you the fifteenth edition of Masterpiece Monday. Let’s get started, shall we? 


astroverse has created our first masterpiece this week.  I love the shading and lines, and additionally the numbere im the background give some color to the piece.


Secondly, we have Lunicy’s gorgeous artwork. I love how they drew the figure, and the background and colors really blend well together. Amazing job! 


Up next is a stunning piece by wolfqt. The red color palette is awesome, and the use of multiple different shades really pays off in this art.


Last but not least is linga’s awesome realistic arctic wolf piece. I love the shading and palette, and the anatomy is just phenomenal. Nice work!

If you’re interested in getting your work shown here, don’t be afraid to send us an attachment of your art in an email to Don’t forget to title your email as Masterpiece Monday Submission

Anyways, Jammers, that’ll be it for this week. I’ll see you next time! 


Thursday Update: 100,000,000 Jammers

Good Thursday evening, Jammers! Today is September 13th, 2018. Yet another update day! This week AJHQ has released plenty of new announcements and an important milestone for Wildworks as a company and Animal Jam as a game.

On the first page of the Jamaa Journal, AJHQ reminds Jammers that the Bounce House is now for sale once again in the Diamond Shop!

Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at 7.30.23 PM.png

Next up, an important announcement on the game’s chat system: Safe Chat - Plus for ALL JAMMERS! That means non-members can now switch their account’s chat mode to “Free Chat” (with parent/guardian permission via the parent dashboard).

Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at 7.30.30 PM.png

If you are unsure how to do this. simply have your parent go to the “Parents” tab on the homepage, log in to the parent dashboard (using the email linked to your account) and change over the chat mode to “Safe Chat - Plus”! If your parents are skeptical, you can reassure them that the chat system is still safely moderated and filtered. For more on AJHQ’s safety policies, click here!

Next up in the Jamaa Journal is a game-changing feature. AJHQ has released the FIRST NEW NON-MEMBER LAND DEN! Previously, only the small house and sunken ship were available to players without membership. Now, there are two to chose from! Although the layout of the dens are the same, we may expect more non-member den updates in the future. Not only is this den non-member, but it' is a seasonal recreation. The first of it’s kind! It makes us on the Archives team wonder… will there be more of these seasonal releases?

Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at 7.31.56 PM.png

Of course this event isn’t completely out of the blue; AJHQ is celebrating their ONE HUNDRED MILLION PLAYER MILESTONE! In case that sounds like an insane number- it most certainly is. How big is it exactly? Well, take a look at all of the banners around Jamaa!

Don’t forget, Jammers, September 22nd is World Rhino Day! To honor these majestic endangered animals, be sure to pick up a pet rhino for 2 diamonds or show your support by buying a rhino for only 500 gems for the next two weeks. Want some rhino assets for your next edit? Click here to go to our updated collection!

Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at 7.32.36 PM.png

On the penultimate (second to last) page of the Journal, AJHQ makes a few statements on their change of seasonal adventures; by the next update, Tiki Trouble will no longer be in the adventures tab. However, the annual special Halloween pet adventure, Bitter Sweets, will take its place!

Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at 7.33.34 PM.png

Finally, a few words about the beloved Diamond Shop. Autumn armor will now be sold in stores! And of course, the 100,000,000 banners are now on display in every land in Jamaa.

Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at 7.33.19 PM.png

We hope you Jammers enjoyed ths late-night Thursday article! Be sure to check the Archives for weekly posts and updates, asset packs, and more!

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Masterpiece Monday #14

Hello there! I’m King, and today I’ll be showcasing four awesome pieces today. Les get started, shall we?


I adore this Warrior Cats inspired piece by gubec! The lineart is phenomenal, and the flowing fur and loving really takes the cake here.


Splovacatopancakes has made this awesome arctic fox artwork! The style is amazing, and I love the text! Overall, this is a very well done piece.


Our third piece by Violin109 is amazing! The outline makes the wolf pop, and the colored lines give the piece another dimension. 


Finally, we have gaid5’s awesomely adorable artwork. I love the color palette,  and the anatomy is great!

If you’d like your piece shown here, don’t be afraid to email it to us via with the title of Masterpiece Monday Submission. Thanks for submitting! 

Anyways, that’s all for today. Farewell, and have an amazing week! 


BUZZY Asset Pack

Hey, Jammers! Relays here, back with ANOTHER asset pack! This asset pack includes all of the newly released BEE items. We hope you enjoy these assets, and if you use #animaljamarchives on one of your post, we might FEATURE you! Happy Jamming, and please try to credit the Animal Jam Archives, so we can grow and make more pawsome assets! 

 Click here to download a zip-file of these assets..

Click here to download a zip-file of these assets..

Birthday-Cake Assset Pack

Hey, Jammers! In celebration of Animal Jam's 8th birthday, we have put together this awesome asset pack, including transparent PNG's of all(!) the Animal Jam Birthday-Cakes! Be sure to download this awesome asset pack, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANIMAL-JAM!!!

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Masterpiece Monday #13

Hello there! I’m KingJamaa, and today I’ll be bringing you the thirteenth edition of Masterpiece Monday. How about we get started?


phantomnews/phantomwarden has created the first masterpiece I’ll be showcasing today. I love the smoothness of the writing and straightness of the lines, and the color palette is gorgeous and really looks like a newspaper. 


Arrowthewolfy’s Pokémon piece is one I fell in love with. The scenery and color palette are phenomenal, and I adore the shading style.


Thirdly, we have Apoløgize’s realistic wolf piece. I love the unique blending style, and the detail is awesome. In addition, I love the background! 


Finally, we have Nymphaeaalba’s forest scenery piece. I love the attention to detail, and the colors are so pleasing. To add on, the perspective is amazing! 

Well, that’ll be it from me. But, wait- if you would like to submit your work to be shown here, send us an email at with the subject line Masterpiece Monday Submission. Thanks, and farewell! Have a nice day. 


Today in Jamaa History: Saved from Endangerment

Hey jammers! Yellow here with a rapid fire TiJH post because it's almost 11pm and I have school tomorrow. Let's get right in. First, we have the return of the first animal to be taken out of stores and then brought back. It's monkeys!

Picture 1.png

Monkeys were temporarily out of stores to show that they were endangered. After jammers from all across Jamaa raised 100 million gems they returned!

Picture 7.png

This was a very monkey themed update! Along with a brand new party, the first monthly member gift pet was released! A monkey of course. Member gifts will be a big topic here on AJA coming soon...

Picture 8.png

Just gonna brush Brady to the side here, sorry. But PLANTS! Treetop gardens 6 years ago today and it was the best thing to ever happen for nature den decorators. The shop originally sold all the plants you see there.

Picture 9.png

Finally, it's announced the first summer carnival is coming to a close, but a new gems to ticket booth was being added. I remember before this machine it was such a pain to get tickets!

Thats all for today Jammers! See you next time.

- Yellow

Masterpiece Monday #12

Hey there, everyone! It’s King again, and today I’m going to be showcasing four spectacular art pieces today. How about we get started, hm? 


solarcanines has made this awesome piece of a girl! The colors and simplistic background collide so beautifully, and I adore that. Additionally, I love the style! 


Lion from Steven Universe is depicted in thescatsbury’s rather adorable piece. I love the artist’s style, and he color pallet is stunning. Additionally, the shading is awesome! 


doglil has an excellent deer piece I’d like to share today. The blending they used is phenomenal, and the anatomy is on point. I honestly really like this artwork! 


Finally, but definitely not least, Nimadoodle has drawn an exceptional piece of a rodent-type creature. My eyes instantly set on the cool, dark colors, as well as the transition of them, too. To add on, the purple of the background makes the creature pop!

That’s it for the masterpieces, but wait- how do you get your piece shown here? Excellent question, my friend. Just shoot us an email at with an attachment of your masterpiece and with the title of Masterpiece Monday Submission!

Anyways, that’s actually it from me. I’ll see you next time! 


Today in Jamaa History: Meet Cosmo launches

Hey there Jammers! Ryanec1 here. You guys may not recognize my name, but I am filling in for Yellow for this issue of Today in Jamaa History!  

Screen Shot 2018-08-22 at 3.25.00 PM.png

On August 22, 2013, exactly 5 years ago today, Volume 97 of the Jamaa Journal announced the release of the Meet Cosmo adventure! On this day, it made its debut for members-only testing. In fact, on this day when Meet Cosmo was released, players had their first chance ever to interact with Cosmo! When released for members-only testing, the only mode available was the normal mode. The hard mode of the adventure was released less than a month later on September 12, 2013. Later that year, the adventure ultimately was released to all jammers on November 7, 2013.

I really hope this Today in Jamaa History post was an interesting read! Have a spectacular day, Jammers!

Masterpiece Monday #11

Salutations, everyone! The name’s King and I’m more than pleased to be your host for today. We have four amazing pieces to view this fine day, so let’s jump right into it.


 Nymphaeaalba’s flower piece really caught my attention while looking through masterpieces. The lettering is gorgeous, and the shape of the plant isn’t stunning and overall amazing.


Secondly is Taeteaa’s artwork of an anime-type girl. The way you draw her was amazing, and the black lineart takes piece to a whole new level. In addition, the colors are bright and stand out against each other.


Next up is Teddiboo’s phenomenal piece of a canine laying down sideways, face towards the sky. I love the interpretation of the pose, and the background makes the wolf stand out. To add on, the text was an awesome addition!


Last but not least is boop32’s desert/snake masterpiece. I love the AJ style, and the pet looks just like the real model. Finally, the background is such an awesome add-on.

If you’ve ever wanted your artwork showcased here, it’d be appreciated if you could email your work and add the subject line Masterpiece Monday Submission. Thanks!

Anyways, that’ll be it. Have an awesome day!!


National Honeybee Day in Jamaa

Good afternoon, Jammers! Did you know this Saturday is National honeybee day? Check out this short little video to learn how you can celebrate these wonderful little insects in Jamaa!

Bee sure to comment on our blog posts and let us know what you think of video reports! And don't forget to check back with the Archives for mroe game updates, news, and assets.