Today in Jamaa History: Cuddly and Randomized

Hey Jammers! Yellow here, and today I've got another history lesson for you all. While I was searching through newspapers from June, I found this!

That's right! Pets were released in Jamaa seven years ago today! I'm also glad to see that Magical Prettymoon didn't have to worry about a lack of new stuff. The next few pages takes a deep dive into pets, which will be very useful for you and I!

The next page has a large chunk of text that's really too long for what it is, so I'll summarize it. The first four pets to be released were dogs, cats, frogs, and ducks. (That's more than Play Wild!). What's REALLY interesting is the other half of the page:


It was hard to get a pet that looked exactly how you wanted it! As far as I can tell, the shape, colors, and accessories were determined by these symbols. Fun fact: These accessories include the head items found at the Play As Your Pet Party. (Source)


AJHQ also gave us this image to show jammers all the diversity in pets. Pirate hats must have been really fashionable back then. One issue that would come up with this update was that EVERYONE was trying to get to Claws n' Paws. The next day, AJHQ would add pet finders around Jamaa.

The source of those images can be found here. Finally, we have our new item of the day, except this time there were many items!


This was the freedom update it seems! That's all for today everyone. I hope you enjoyed our adventure into the past! The next post will be about something very... prickly.


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VidCon Schedule Day 1

The wait is over, VidCon is finally here, and we have the schedule covered! Today at 9am Pacific Time (10am MT / 11am CT / 12pm ET) Snowyclaw will take on Twinkle0122 in a round of, Fall Phantoms, then at 11am Pacific time (10am MT / 12pm CT / 1pm ET) Sethyy and Aparri will go off in a round of Fast Foodies. 1pm (2pm MT / 3 pm CT / 4pm ET) Pacific time  Bepper and Typicallrocky will take on each other with the beachside blitz challenge, and last, but certainly not least, they masterpiece challenge! Starting at 3pm (4pm MT / 5 pm CT / 6pm ET)  this challenge will involve WisteriaMOON and Gellyjones.

Who do you think will win? 

  Show your team spirit with the new  Animal Jam box !

Show your team spirit with the new Animal Jam box!

Screen Shot 2018-06-21 at 9.20.36 PM.png

Masterpiece Monday #2

Greetings, jammer! My name is KingJamaa, and I’m your host for this week’s edition of Masterpiece Monday. Today, we have four amazing masterpieces to showcase, so let’s get started.


Our first masterpiece, made by Blackwolf507, showcases a snake curled on a branch. I adore the many different shades of green used, as well as the small touches of yellow that dot the snake itself as well as the background.


Sharktag3489 has created a realistic bust shot of Julian2! The text really stood out to me, and the curls of Julian’s mane and tail really take the cake for me. In addition, the monocle and sword are very well drawn. Lovely job~!


Filing up for our third piece this week is Jammer001371’s underwater landscape scene. The hues of blue make for a very detailed piece, and the jellyfish and shark are exceptionally well done.


Finally, we have Cengizhan541’s representation of none other than Wisteriamoon. This artist’s style is very detailed, and I absolutely love the candle croc in the corner. The shading is additionally pleasing, and everything about this piece really flows together in my opinion.

Well jammers, that’ll be it from me for this week. Ciao, and see you in Jamaa!


Today in Jamaa History: The Adventures Begin

Hello Jammers! Yellow here! For my first scroll, I’ve decided on June 18th 2013. This update was actually on a Tuesday, oddly enough. But, I would say that it was one of the most important updates in Animal Jam history.


Adventures first released five years ago today! Time sure does fly by doesn’t it? This was such a big event that the reveal of Kangaroos was pushed back all the way to page five.


But, back to adventures. The update launched with two adventures, the Training Grounds, and Return of the Phantoms. These adventures didn’t change much except for the place that housed them, and their prizes. First, the base camp was very different when it first opened. However, there’s not many pictures of it online. Here’s the best I could do:

 Image Source

Image Source

Very different from what we have now! It was also heavily advertised that adventures were in beta. You could see “Beta” plastered all over, including the Jamaa Journal, party list, and reward items. Speaking of reward items, they’re different from the current prizes too.


Each item, when clicked on, gets rid of the phantom infection is has. If you’ve played Return of the Phantoms you’ll know this is a common trend in the adventure.

Now, for our final piece of trivia, the new item of the day was…


The beta bird feeder! Be sure to join me next time as we take a look at another newspaper from long ago, with with a small feature that made a big impact.


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Animal Jam at VidCon 2018

It's summertime and that means YouTube is hosting its annual video convention, VidCon! This year, 8 of the Jambassadors will be traveling to Anaheim, California for competitions hosted by AJHQ. Last year, there were two teams of 4 representing the guardian spirits of Jamaa: Mira and Zios. Today, the teams and their mascots were announced, and Jammers on Instagram are going wild. Snowyclaw, Sethyy, Wisteriamoon, and Bepper will join forces on Team Direwolf, and Aparri, Gellyjones, Twinkle0122 and our newest Jambassador Typicallrocky are on team Sabertooth! 

In celebration of the games, there have also been a number of Team Direwolf and Team Sabertooth items for all Jammers to wear on their heads or put in their dens to show their team spirit in both AJPC and AJPW!

Not only are the Jambassadors coming to VidCon, but so are some of the Animal Jam Archives team members! Cherrioz, L3g3ndury, of course Snowyclaw and Typicallrocky, and Elvis3480 will be there!

Speaking of the AJA team, we're always making new assets! For this week, we present to you VidCon assets! This pack includes team name icons, our current collection of Sabertooth and Dire wolf graphics, team member artwork b y AJHQ, and items! If you can, please link back to the Animal Jam Archives as your source so other Jammers can enjoy these assets! You might even win a prize for your credited creations...


Beta Days Asset Pack

Hey, Jammers! Wanting to spice up one of your edit's with some Den Betas? Well here is a folder FILLED with Den Betas! Click download to get the full zip file!

If you can, please reference the Animal Jam Archives as your source so more Jammers can use these pawsome assets.

The more Jammers that visit, the most this site can grow!

 Post & Asssets

Post & Asssets

Masterpiece Monday #1

Greetings, jammers! Welcome to Masterpiece Monday, the latest new topic on AJA. Every Monday, along with the Rare Item Monday post, a Masterpiece Monday will be posted with three to four awesome masterpieces I’ve found around Jamaa with some constructive critique and compliments. Let’s get started, shall we?


Our first masterpiece is by Nifkit, and it depicts several different phantoms in a land of what seems to be filled with purple landscape. I personally love this jammer’s use of shading, as well as the perspective and depth. The different features on the phantoms are also phenomenal, such as the spikes and what looks to be an angry-looking eyebrow.


Pizzaplaza’s gorgeous mountain portrait takes the stage for our second masterpiece this week. The different colors really pop out, and the blending of the reflection of the mountain in the river is stunning. In addition, the two peaks in the background really show the boundary between the larger mountain and the many seemingly smaller mountains. Lovely job, jammer!


Snagging the third slot for our time this article is a beautiful polar bear masterpiece by none other than Cleopawtrah! I adore how this jammer has shaded the piece, and the colors they’ve managed to achieve within AJ’s art studio really takes the cake for me. The snowflakes are, additionally, very well drawn– they really help structure the setting!


Our final masterpiece is one drawn by Theshopking that depicts Animal Jam’s logo. I love the gradients and dark purple background that really makes the logo pop. The lines are very straight, and it resembles the game’s logo a lot in my opinion.

Well, jammers, that concludes our session for this week. Thanks for reading, and have a great day!


Rare Item Monday: Rainbow Scales

Good Monday morning, Jammers! As you know, every Monday AJHQ releases a new rare into stores. This week, Rainbow Scales have been released into stores in an all new purple and gold variant! You can get this shimmery underwater suit for 975 gems in Bahari Bargains.

Screen Shot 2018-06-11 at 9.16.36 AM.png

In addition to the Rare Rainbow scales in AJPC, the Rare Turtle Shell has made its way to stores in Play Wild!

Screen Shot 2018-06-11 at 9.11.38 AM.png

To stay updated with the latest news in Jamaa, check back with the Animal Jam Archives for articles, assets, and more!

Secret item in water park den

Hey, Jammers! Its time, the newest EXCLUSIVE hidden item has arrived, and its made way to the Water Park Den! This new den item can be bought for 450 Gems, and thats not all, this item is also available for NON MEMBERS! Having trouble finding it? Here is something to help, go to  Map>Epic Dens>Water Park> and go to the left. 

Screen Shot 2018-06-08 at 8.19.44 AM.png
Screen Shot 2018-06-08 at 9.23.26 AM.png
 Thumbnail, Asset, & Post

Thumbnail, Asset, & Post

Exclusive Flowers Bundle

Hey, Jammers! Looking to calm your edits with some nice and relaxing plants? Here are some flowers, AND plants to use! We went around Jamaa looking for the most EXOTIC flowers, to make this pawsome bundle for you! So during your next edit, take the time to slow down and sniff the roses. 

Are we missing one that you have? Feel free to message me on
Animal Jam (Relays) and place it in your den, then I will come
and take a screenshot of it! :P

Click the buttons above to download a zip files will all the beautiful PNGs.

 Thumbnail, Assets, & Post

Thumbnail, Assets, & Post

Prehistoric Animals Bundle

Hey, Jammers! You have been waiting, and waiting, for the all new Prehistoric Animal Bundle, and its finally here! This asset pack comes with all the Prehistoric Animals including, Sabertooth, Dinosaurs, Dodo Birds, and even the New Direwolf! Make sure to check this awesome new asset pack out TODAY! If you can, please reference the Animal Jam Archives as your source so more Jammers can use these pawsome assets.

The more Jammers that visit, the most this site can grow!

Curious about the package? Here's some examples of the assets inside...


 Post & Assets

Post & Assets

 Thumbnail & Assets

Thumbnail & Assets

Summer Carnival Cotton Candy

Hey Jammers! The Summer Carnival has arrived and with it, the cotton candy stand! A phantom-shaped cotton candy has always been a fun trick to make, but did you know AJHQ added tons more of these secret combinations? Here's a complete list (with instructions, of course) of all of these pawesome new flavors! 

3. Cotton Candy Phantoms.png

Want to use these assets in your own edits? Feel free to browse through these galleries, and click here for the background and borders! If you can, please reference the Animal Jam Archives as your source so more Jammers can use these pawsome graphics.