What you're seeing is only the surface of the iceberg. We want to take the Animal Jam Archives to entirely new depths, ones which may change the game itself. Want to be a part of development? Don't worry, no age limits here. Here are our requirements:

1. You need a flexible schedule. The commitment could range from anywhere from one to fifteen hours per week, depending on the projects you're part of and the time you're willing to spend helping the site. You must be certain that you can commit to this schedule, and inform us beforehand if you are going to be gone for a time!

2. You must own a working computer with internet access, and know your way around Google Drive. Much of the work must be completed in Google Drive, Google Spreadsheets, and Google Docs, so it is expected that you know how to use them. Knowledge in and access to Photoshop is excellent, but it is not required. We may have you install several free programs, such as screen-grabbing tools and photo editing software, to help you work more efficiently, so be sure you get parent permission!

3.  It is absolutely essential that you follow instructions. While it doesn't appear difficult at first glance, you MUST read all instructions concerning the project thoroughly, and follow them exactly as they are shown. If any steps are skipped, it may cost the team hours more work to resolve problems that could have been avoided. 

4. And PLEASE, know your way around Animal Jam. :)

Meet all these qualifications? Awesome! Look through our positions below to see which is be best for you. Contact to begin your application process. Such positions, when fulfilled well, will result in a letter of recommendation from a site administrator upon request. If want to help promote our site, check out our positions in Marketing!

AUTHOR (6/∞)

  • Intermediate capabilities in adapting to a new website builder
  • Ability to take and edit screenshots on own computer
  • General knowledge of Animal Jam, it's history & the community
  • Commitment estimate: your choice, at least 1 post per week

Authors will be building the site's content in unforeseen ways – already we have jammers interested in featuring community artwork, large YouTuber videos, and aspects of Jamaa's history. What kinds of subjects would you like to bring to the Animal Jam Archives? You can submit your own article to to be published in our Daily Spotlight on the main blog. If you are featured often you will be promoted to an author position! You can choose to stick to a consistent theme or change it up – write your passion.

Mapmaker (2/5)

  • Intermediate to advanced understanding of Photoshop
  • Access to Photoshop
  • Commitment estimate: 5-8 hours per week long-term

Mapmakers patch together "maps" of locations in Animal Jam, whether it be parties or adventure maps. They should expect the majority of the maps to be large in size, which means that may spend hours on one location alone. A tutorial will be provided for them to understand the steps to creating maps; however, they are expected to already know how to create maps or pick up the steps quickly. They must work under relatively tight deadlines, especially for seasonal locations such as some adventures and parties. See examples of mapmakers' work in the Maps tab.


  • Intermediate to advanced knowledge in Google Drive, Google Spreadsheets, Google Docs
  • Access to screen-grabbing tool
  • Commitment estimate: 1-2 hours per week long-term

Item loggers record screenshots of every item in-game, whether it be den items that were just released in stores or ancient betas that never returned to stores after 2012. They collect well-cropped snapshots of every color variation of an item, and organize them into folders in Google Drive. Towards the beginning of development work hours will be much longer, but as more items are logged the tasks become much easier. See all the items that item loggers have compiled under the Items tab.


  • Access to digital drawing program
  • Commitment estimate: 2-5 hours long-term

Artists do a variety of work for the site, whether it be designing logos, thumbnails, or promotional materials. They are expected to manipulate several, flat drawing styles, and work on a relatively tight schedule. Tasks may be from one logo to fifty thumbnails, so artists should be prepared for many different assignments.

COMMUNITY OUTREACH coordinator (2/2)

  • Exceptional verbal and communication skills
  • Access to a computer, and mobile device
  • Commitment estimate: 4-9 hours per week, long-term

Community officers perform a variety of tasks, including moderating and posting on the Animal Jam Archive's social media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube), responding to users feedback and questions, and generally spreading the word about the Archives project to the community. Coordinators are expected to moderate at least several times every day, so they should have free schedules. Community outreach officers reflect the Archives project as a whole, which is why it is important to retain a professional and hospitable tone at all times, to every player.

Site developer (4/5)

  • Access to SquareSpace
  • Commitment estimate: 3-8 long-term

Site developers take the work from the item loggers and put it into the Animal Jam Archives website for the site users to enjoy. They upload images, attach tags, sort them into galleries, and make sure the site is running like it's supposed to be. They don't moderate the website, they build it. Site developers are constantly updating the site with new items and assets, which is why they should have a clear schedule.

Any of these sound good to you? Contact us at for more information!