LORE - The beginning of the Universe, and Jamaa

The beginning of Jamaa, how everything started, is unclear, just like our own world. Was there a big bang? Or was their elemental spirits? We don’t know, because at the time there was nobody around to write all that down. Or they were busy, doing world creation stuff.

Mira the blue heron (left) and Zios (right)

Mira the blue heron (left) and Zios (right)

While there is no solid proof of how Jamaa was created, legends that have been passed down since the beginning say that it was a thing known as Zios that created the world. These legends say that Zios created the stars, the planets, but after creating all that he became lonely and created Mira. Mira is a blue heron, and she worked with Zios while they created. Ancient lines of power are embedded deep into Jamaa.

The legends continue: Once Jamaa was created, Zios and Mira needed to populate it. For each new animal, an enchanted object to represent them was crafted. A heartstone. Each of these heartstones are made out of the same force as the ancient lines of power.

An older depiction of the phantoms.  From Volume 16 of the Jamaa Journal

An older depiction of the phantoms. From Volume 16 of the Jamaa Journal

For many years, Jamaa was in a state of peace. However, soon chaos and darkness approached into the land. Phantoms came into being. Their only goal is to suck the joy out of the animals of Jamaa and bring despair. Where did they come from? It seems so odd for the phantoms to come out of nowhere. The same legends from before say that they came from the tears of Mira. But… that seems impossible. The facts don’t line up…

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