There are an increasing number of Animal Jam toys available, and each comes with it's very own code (that can be used only once) to redeem online items. Here you can find a compilation of the various prizes you can receive when redeeming codes – email if we're missing any!


other pets

ultra rare peacock.jpg

You can get a pet squirrel by adopting an ultra rare peacock from the adopt-a-pet series.


Dress Up Friends Multipack


Rare plushies


deluxe plush toys

raccoon 1.png

Princess Castle Den


Club Geoz Dance Party


Snow Fort Den


Deluxe Stationery Set


adopt - a - pet (Series 1) rewards

Each pet code you enter will be added to your in-game TOY BOX, and after certain numbers of codes entered you unlock specific prizes (diamonds, pets, items..).


Sir Penguin and Pet Bunny


Posh Raccoon and Pet Kitty


Cool Koala and Pet Pony


Sunny Bunny and Pet Ducky


Lucky Monkey and Pet Puppy


Von Otter and Pet Hamster

Magic Horse with Light up Ring (Pink)

Light Up Rings


Lucky Lynx with Light up Ring (Green)

Twinkle Panda with Light up Ring (Blue)

Sparkle Tiger with Light up Ring (Purple)


Small house den


Crystal palace den


Pet Wash Hut


cotton candy hut


dress up closet