Hey jammers! I'm snowyclaw, another founder of Animal Jam Archives and head designer of the website interface. You may know me as a YouTuber, blogger, or owner of the Animal Jam Google+ Community. This project brings together both new material constructed by the AJA team, as well as the information logged on my previous blog, the Animal Jam Spirit, dating back to 2011. For how-to's on the work we've compiled you can to visit my channel. Hopefully the site will be helpful in your videos, editing, and artwork about this wonderful world of Jamaa!

Hi! I'm Magolord, one of the founders of Animal Jam Archives. We've spent years mapping dens and locations, collecting assets, and cataloging every item in the game, along with rarity listings. All FREE to do whatever you wish with them! We're so proud to see our hard work finally pay off, and I'm excited to see where this site will take not only the team, but the entire community. Enjoy!

Welcome to the CONTRIBUTORS page! These are the pawsome jammers who help run the website, and makes sure everything gets done. We're always looking for more people on our team - make sure to check out our Job Openings page, and then proceed to send an email to support@animaljamarchives if you're interested in joining the team!

This was the video that first announced the creation of the Animal Jam Archives website! We hope to keep expanding content in the future.


Heya! I'm BubbleGumGap / FamousJammerDaily, though most people just call me Daily. I mainly post about videos by your favorite famous Jammers, but I also do many different things behind the scenes! I may not be a founder, but I am very dedicated to the Archives, and I'm excited to see what's ahead. Jam On!


Hiya, Jammers! My name is Tr3top (but you can call me Tree!), and I Archive most of the Jamaa Journals, and sometimes blog! I also make YouTube videos :3 Thanks for supporting us the way you do! :)

I'm XxNyanClawxX, "Nyan" for short, and I upload resources onto the Animal Jam Archives. In addition to contributing game music, I also create large-scale maps that are perfect for any backgrounds you may need.


Hey pals, I'm DarkDog13 but I'm usually called Dark. I'm a small-ish artist but here I'm just a comment mod! I'm here to keep the comments safe for the site and for the viewers of the site. Hope you enjoy whats going to be brought to the site. Keep on jamming!

Alistairz PNG.png

Hey! I'm Alistairz! Many of you know me as a fellow Animal Jam Youtuber, but outside of Youtube I have many other hobbies. On here, I am an Author who helps write the posts you see on the site! I also help contribute the PNGs you see on the site as well as the music downloadables!   I am super excited to be here and happy to contribute information to many wonderful jammers. Happy Jamming! 


Hello everyone! I’m wolfclaw9828 or @wolfgirlthefirst on Instagram, but most everyone calls me Wolf. I LOOOOVE to make art, and I do graphic work for for the AJ Archives! I hope you all enjoy browsing the site! Peace out, and rock on!