The Animal Jam Archives is always looking to try and expand our audience. We want to help as many community members as we can with our resources. If you don’t meet the requirements for a job on the site, or just not feeling up to it, you can help us spread the word! 


  1. You must be able to promote our site on either YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Please be able to provide evidence that there is a significant audience.

  2. You cannot deliberately remove the Animal Jam Archives promotional material from your social media. When you advertise our site, we expect you to keep it on your social media permanently, unless you decide to delete / disable your social media & leave the community.

  3. Any promotional material you post must be approved by staff. We want to make sure that you are promoting our website correctly, which is why you must submit any media to our support email for review before it can be posted and qualify for payment. Forms of payment will be in-game items AND/OR an exchange of promotional material via post on the website (for example: a video feature on our homepage, or promotion on our Discord server)

    Fan art or using our materials for yourself don’t need to be approved by staff. They only need to get approved if you are an official partner with us. The Archives wants to encourage creativity!

Still interested, and meet all the criteria? Contact us at for more information!