Have a question about this website, the jammers who work on it, or just about Jamaa in general? Check to see if it's answered below! If you don't see it, feel free to email us at support@animaljamarchives.com and we will add it to the ever-growing list. Hope to see you in Jamaa – happy jamming!



Are you the actual AJHQ?

No, we're a group of jammers who are not associated with AJHQ. Snowyclaw, the owner of this blog, is an intern for them though!

What is this?

You must be new! This is the Animal Jam Archives, or AJA for short, a blog/archive of all things Animal Jam. It's run by Snowyclaw and her team (which you can read about on the "Contributors" page)

animal jam archives

How do I get my work published on the AJA?

If you have content that you believe should be posted here, email us here: support@animaljamarchives.com

How can I contact you?

Feel free to visit our Instagram, @animaljamarchives or email us at support@animaljamarchives.com. We love hearing what our readers have to say!

Can I be a part of the AJA team?

Check out our page on "Job Openings" underneath "About" to find out more!

Is this stuff free to use?

Yup! We'd highly reccommend and appreciate if you'd mention us in your project so others will know where you found the assets! Also, we love to see what you create with the materials we have!