It is my hope that the history of Jamaa may be preserved, so that the future generations may learn from past mistakes.
— from Jamaa's Past, Present, and Future

Welcome to the Animal Jam’s Archives lore section. Here, you can dig deep into the backstory and legends of Jamaa. We’ve divided up the story of Jamaa into various chapters, as well as included a few quick links to various character bios, resources we pulled form, and more. Please note that this project is work-in-progress!

History of Jamaa:

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Other Resources:

Character Bios:

Animal Jam Spirit:

Animal Jam Spirit was a blog run by Snowyclaw and other jammers in the community. It has quite a few resources for the history of Jamaa.

Gellyjones’ Adventure Timeline

  • Super useful for knowing what’s happened in the adventures without going through and playing them all

ANimal Jam Books