Today in Jamaa History: A Single Remain

Hey Jammers, Yellow here! Today I have a brief but notable event. Today in Jamaa History...

the oldest archived Jamaa Journal was released! It's... fairly boring. But hey, that was the beta for you. This wasn't a very major event. Heck, we don't even have the rest of the newspaper. However, it is the oldest image we have, and I think that's pretty cool.

Happy jamming everyone.

- Yellow

Today in Jamaa History: Abandoned Outback

Hey Jammers! Yellow here, with another edition of TiJH. Today, we'll be exploring a part of history, that isn't touched by many jammers today. Its...

Kangaroos and Kimbara Outback! These were a big deal when they first released! Let's take this update page by page shall we?

Kangaroos were a pretty big deal when they first released. They were the first new diamond shop animal (Lions, Arctic Wolves, and Snow Leopards already existed from gift cards). However, this wasn't the first appearance  Kangaroos had been spotted in Jamaa over a month before this update! If you'd like to know more about that, check out this ancient video from Snowyclaw:

Here's a picture of the card talked about in the video:

Kangaroos weren't the only new thing released this day though, there was also a new land!


It sucked.

I was there for this update and Kimbara Outback was sooooo boring. All that you could do was the Journey Book, and that's it. The Medical Center and Outback imports opened later on. To get to Kimbara Outback, which was a real challenge at the time because the room was always full (We didn't have find open world back in those days), you'd probably use the world map. Except before using the world map your jaw would drop when you saw it had completely changed.


There was a ton of backlash from the community towards the new map. I don't like it personally, except for that Coral Canyons was finally more than a tiny rock with stairs.


Koalas also returned in this update, because they had left to discover Kimbara Outback.


The new item for the day was the phantom shirt! Happy Jamming everyone! TiJH is going to be taking a small break but will return soon.

- Yellow

Today in Jamaa History: A Spikey History

Hey Jammers! Yellow here. While going through some more newspapers, I found an interesting event! One that would shape the Animal Jam trading scene forever...

As usual, Jamaa Journals come from  here .

As usual, Jamaa Journals come from here.

That's right, today in Jamaa history, spikes were released! These items, as you probably know, are a core part Animal Jam's trading economy, and a highly desired item by many Jammers! However, spikes weren't always the collars and wristbands you know today. They went by very different names a while back...

That's right! Spikes used to have different names depending on if they were long or short. Long spikes were called Spikey, and shorts were called

Spiked... necklaces? Collar weren't always called collars, but I think the new name fits them better. All of these spiked/y items came on a jam-a-gram that looked like this:

That's all for today jammers! Join me next time as we take a look at AJHQ giving a certain land a makeover, something they've never done since. Happy jamming!


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