Rare Item Monday: Icicle Horn

Hey Jammers! Elvis3480 here. As you know, every Monday Jamaasians have the opportunity to participate in Rare Item Monday where a special re-colored or new item is placed in a random store of Jamaa for one day only. These items are limited edition and do not return to stores!

This week, AJHQ released a Rare Icicle Horn! This is a dark grey/black variant of the Icicle Horn from the Jamaaliday Advent Calendar. All Jammers can get this item on the 6th page of Jam Mart Clothing for 850 gems!

Be sure to revisit the Animal Jam Archives every Monday to check out the new rare item, as well as new and clearance items in shops all around Jamaa!

icicle horn shop.png

New Secret Item in the Snow Fort!

Hey Jammers! It's TypicalRocky here, and today I am going to be showing you guys how to get the NEW SECRET ITEM! If you didn't notice, AJHQ always has updated their epic dens and added secret shops with awesome new items! This time the den is the Snow Fort. To get this item, go to World Map>Epic Dens>Snow Fort and walk directly up. To access the shop, click anywhere on the Phantom Topiary! The topiary is a member item and costs 500 gems. It matches well with the other Topiaries in the Topiary Shop in Sarepia Forest, and makes a great addition to any nature den or garden!

Phantom Topiary shop