Catch "Dash Tag" Today on Your Mobile Device!

Fresh out of beta testing leaps Dash Tag, a free endless runner game in which the player becomes one of many pets and must swipe to avoid capture through various scenery. The player has the ability to collect different pets and "tag" them in during game to play with. It is also possible to unlock different costumes or "skins" for Misha the Panda (the NPC chasing the player). CurrentlyDash Tag does not appear to have any transferable items between Animal Jam for PCs unlike AJ Jump, another side game created by Wildworks.

Here was our first run on Dash Tag, where you can see the interface as well as gameplay and mechanics. There were a few laggy patches, but there is high likelihood that this will be fixed in upcoming updates.

I claim no ownership to anything in this video. All content in this video belongs to Wildworks, Inc. This video is for the sole purpose of informing audiences.

Available on both the App Store and Google Play Store, it is compatible with most up-to-date mobile devices. Dash tag is a free to purchase, free to play game, however one can purchase powerups and in-game currency with parental consent. Currently, it is rated approximately 4.6 stars on all platforms. 

Pictures provided by the Google Play Store.