Friendship Spotlight: M91991 & Bumpit

What’s buzzin’? I think it’s the love bug!


Hey Jammers, Alistairz here! Today I’m bringing you a new series called FRIENDSHIP SPOTLIGHT! This is a brand new series I’m introducing to the Archives that will be exclusive, only to be done during the friendship festival! This means there will be new episodes ALL MONTH LONG! Friendship Spotlight will highlight Jammers I found around Jamaa with pawsome friendships that I just HAD to share! In this week’s episode we’re looking at two jammers who are M91991 and Bumpit!


M91991 and Bumpit met in a group call 2 years ago through a friend they both shared! M91991 says “At first we were scared of each other and it was kind of funny.. it still makes me laugh.” She goes on to say “If it wasn’t for Animal Jam I wouldn’t of met someone so important to me. Animal Jam is what brought us together.” M91991 and Bumpit became even closer when they met because they both loved to share content on their community Instagram pages. “We’d always collaborate and share selfies together and that brought us very close.” Over the years of their friendship the pair has labeled themselves as “#Mumpit” and ever since the title has become their crowning jewel of friendship. “This game can bring people so close together.. it’s insane.”

Wow! What an amazing story! Such great friends they are.

Do YOU have a pawsome friendship story you’d like to share? Keep posting with your friends all month long for a chance to get your story featured here on the Archives! I’ll be watching and writing about great pals all month long! ^u^

That’s all for now. Be sure to check out both M91991 and Bumpit on their community pages and support these amazing buddies!

Thanks for reading!

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