New Nerdy Promo Gifts

Hey Jammers, Alistairz here! 

Sofa (GetReady2Jam).JPG

Today, I have really cool information to share with you, specifically; NEW ANIMAL JAM PROMO CODES! These promo codes are really interesting, you may think I'm just making puns when I say these are some nerdy codes, but I'm not! These codes are truly nerdy! 

If you put in these codes, you will receive brand new furniture!! furniture??

That's right, these promo items are made of BOOKS! I told you it was nerdy. 

Here's the promo codes and what the code will give you:

1. GetReady2Jam (Reader's Sofa)

2. AJ4Ever (Reader's Chair)

3. Paws4Friends (Reader's Lamp)

Want a full list of Animal Jam's current codes? Stop by our code page by clicking here!

There you have it! Feel free to use these codes and share them with your friends!

That's all for today, 

Jam On!