New Animal Jam Novels!

Heya, Jammers! AJHQ announced today that they are releasing two paperback novels! They are both based off of AnimalJam, with one about the Alphas, and the other about the Phantoms. Perhaps these novels will include more of AnimalJam's lore, which makes me excited! Here is their Instagram post, announcing the release.


new animaljam paperbacks announcement.jpg

You can pre - order the first book about the Alphas here, and the second book here about the Phantoms.

These books come with an in - game redeemable code, so I'm really excited to see what new promo items we have in store! The prices of these books are very reasonable, too - perhaps I'll get them.

It's very wonderful to see AJHQ develop their merchandise as this game continues. I hope that in the future there will be more teen based merchandise, as alot of our jammers are older!

What do you think, Jammers? Leave your thoughts below!

- Bubbles / Daily