Hey Jammers, Alistairz here! Today I have VERY exciting news to share with you.. we might just have an answer as to what the NEW ANIMAL is that will soon be coming to Jamaa! 

In the recent update, the news of a new coming animal was released, as well as this image: 

Now, the first thing that catches your eye is this mysterious gecko, who seems to be hiding behind a rock. But don't be mislead! Animal Jam HQ wants your attention towards the gecko!! The REAL mystery is the purple.. wait what are those? Hmm.. could they be legs?? That's the interesting part! In this unreleased photo of what appears to be FLAMINGOS, shows what the Flamingo looks like!

What do you think about this jammers? Is AJHQ hinting at Flamingos? Or are they putting the answer out there TOO easily and it's Geckos? 

I guess we'll have to see in the next update! Stay tuned! -Alistairz