Tiki Trouble Prizes!

Heellooooo, there- it's you're pal Tree (Tr3top) here to tell you all about the new adventure- Tiki Trouble! I don't know about you, but I definitely have not *cough* played the adventure a dozen times... okay, okay, you've caught me! I'm a little obsessed with it! The music is great and what's not to love about an adventure for all jammers? During my expeditions, I've stumbled across dozens and dozens of prizes- so let's take a look!

This adventure is similar to the Forgotten Desert, or "Eagle Adventure;" instead of getting your prizes at the end, you get many prizes throughout the whole adventure. I'm not going to spoil the plot or objectives for you, however I will show you some of the juicy loot you can receive below:

Not all of the prizes are on this graphic as many of them are extremely small or difficult to greenscreen/PNG.

Not all of the prizes are on this graphic as many of them are extremely small or difficult to greenscreen/PNG.

(Unfortunately, many of the prizes are ornately tiny or difficult to greenscreen/remove background so they are not all on the graphic)

If you love nature items, tropical items, wooden items, or any items in general, you're sure to want to collect them all! There are both member and non-member items as well as den and clothing items in this adventure. There are both prize items and items you can find around the map in chests! The current list of items are as follows: 

*The non-member items will have an asterik (*) next to them.

These items can be found when you give Tavie pearls (the default treasures)

Kapena Tiki Statue*

Momi Tiki Statue*

Koa Tiki Statue*

Seashell Wind Chime

Pet Tiki Hut*

Coconut Drink Tray

Tavie's Guitar*

Seashell Collection

Assorted RIMs, Epic Wonders Items, Diamond Shop Items

and what everyone's been waiting for...

Assorted Spikes!

These items can be found in chests around the map as well as in the Arctic Wolf passage.

Octopus Archway*

Mangrove Tree*

Pineapple Plant*

Palm Tree*

Gems* in values of:

  • 25

  • 50

  • 150

  • 250

Yes, you are able to get assorted rare spikes in this adventure. Today I found a black short wristband!

If you'd like to see all of the items in one spot, come on over to my den or grab a buddy and try this tropical adventure for yourself! I hope this helps you on your treasure seeking adventures- if I missed something or you just want to share your favorite item, feel free to comment! 

Happy adventuring and happy jamming, friends! -- Tr3top