Vidcon 2017!

Hey, Jammers! Daily here, AJA's Famous Jammer Specialist. Today I'm going to be telling you what Vidcon is, as well as which Famous Jammers will be attending Vidcon 2017!

What's Vidcon?

Vidcon is a giant youtuber convention that's held every year, in Anaheim, California. In 2016, AJHQ flew out a bunch of your favourite AnimalJam Youtubers to vidcon, to meet jammers just like you! Here's some of last years Vidcon Vlogs, just in case you wanted to check them out.

After Vidcon, they also got to go to DISNEYLAND! There, they were accompanied by GummyUnicorn. Here's some Disney Vlogs!

SO much fun, right? Well, it's happening again this year! There also seems to be some new people coming this year.. But, who? Let's take a look..

So, are you excited? I sure am! (And, really, so is Aparri. But of course you didn't hear that from me!) This year, we'll have two brand new Jambassadors who will be joining us this year: GellyJones, and Sethyy (Mymomiscool)!! What kind of stuff would YOU like to see in their Vidcon Vlogs? Make sure to leave a comment below with your thoughs,

- Daily