Decorating DIYs #10

Hello! I’m King, and today I have another edition of Decorating DIYs. Today, I have a cute little   decoration to share!  


I have a nature-y bedroom design situated around my main character, Explorer, whom is a deer. His primary color schemes aren’t green and white, with a hint of red, so implemented those into my den. If you want to create a den resembling your character, make sure you pay attention to their colors, species, and things they might like to have in a den. Be sure to have a close eye to detail, as well. For example, I created a detailed bedframe using a wooden couch and lucky bench, along with pixelated fences. I also used a Sigurd statue and deer topiary to resemble his species.

Anyways, that’s it for now! I’ll see you next time. 


Decorating DIYs #9

Hey Jammers! It's Cuteypie here, taking over Decorating DIYs for the week for King! Today we have a den inspired by the American holiday approaching on Monday, Memorial Day!


This den is a cookout inspired by this American holiday that honors the men and women that died in service. In my family, we always go camping and have a nice, big cookout on the fire with family and friends. I tried using red, white, and blue (America's colors) as my scheme, but I left a few other items their original colors. I thought the new Beach Cooking Pot item would match the cookout theme perfectly! Jam On

Decorating DIYs #8

Greetings, Jammers! I’m King, and welcome to Decorating DIYs. Today, we have an inspiration den I created using Liza’s Garden! 


The den revolves around a recreational room, and is based on the new ping-pong table in Jam Mart. I used green and red as my main colors, with brown, yellow, and white as accents. Adding pets also keeps the decorations lively!

Anyways, I’ll see you all next time. Happy jamming! 


Decorating DIYs #7

Hello! I’m King, and today I bring you another edition of Decorating DIYs. Here’s the den showcase for this week! 


I have decided to use the carrot items from the spring bunny bundle to create this orange den! I used two lily rugs and one default rug to create the rug setup, and added a plethora of rabbit themed items and pets.

Anyways, thanks for tuning in! I’ll see you next time. 


Decorating DIYs #6

Hello! I’m KingJamaa, and welcome to Decorating DIYs!  Today, I have a spring decoration to share.


Most of this den is constructed with items currently or recently obtainable items through stores or adventures, which tells that you can do a lot with these kinds of items. Some can be extremely helpful, like the paint splats, stepping stones, and standing stones for the river and sturdy tables for the bridge! However, I do feel like I should’ve added some tulips or crocuses to the grass so it’s more lively.

Anyways, that’s it for now! Be sure to play wild.


Decorating DIYs #5

Hello, Jammers! Happy belated Pi Day, and a happy Lucky Day as well!  Today, I have a Pi Day themed decoration to share.


I decided to go for a red and pink theme with this den. The different pies really go for that pi theme, and the greenery surrounding provides for a sense of seclusion and tranquility.

Anyways, I’ll see you soon! Be sure to play wild. 


Animal Jam Skunk Trivia!

Skunks have come to Jamaa! Now is a great time to get to know our new friends a bit better (and hopefully not scare them)!

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Decorating DIYs #4

Hello! I’m KingJamaa, and I welcome you to another den showcase!  Today, I have a little sitting area in a lucky den!


By using ancient towers, standing stones, and a clover pond, I was able to transform a cliffside edge edge into a mystical garden. I also added a bench, gnome, and pot of gold to decorate the area more.

Anyways, that’s it for this week!  I’ll see you next time with a lucky day special.


Decorating DIYs #3

Hello! I’m King, and today I’ll ge showcasing one of my designs in the new Friendship Fortress for this week’s edition of Decorating DIYs!


I decided to add some more life to the fountain you see when you first spawn into the den.  I have a petunia flower bed at the bottom, and a beta well right above to hold the fountain’s spout. It’s key to have the well fit right into the rim of the fountain, so everything layers correctly and nothing looks wonky.

For decoration, I’ve added a heart-shaped well, rose garland, and a three heart candle behind the golden arches.  I also added two rose bushes, grass with worms, and sunflowers to add to the theme of the den- a fortress symbolizing one of my closest friendships. (Sunflowers are a part of one of our insides jokes.)

Anyways, that’s it for now! I’ll see you in two weeks.