National Honeybee Day in Jamaa

Good afternoon, Jammers! Did you know this Saturday is National honeybee day? Check out this short little video to learn how you can celebrate these wonderful little insects in Jamaa!

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Today in Jamaa History: Colorful Creative Crocodiles

Hey Jammers! Yellow here, and today I've got another newspaper and update for us to take a look at! This was a rather large update back in 2011, so let's dive right in to... Oh my.


Hello there Brady! The first page of the newspaper features a video, something not common in the news these days. Unfortunately this video seems to be lost to time as I couldn't find a re-upload. But turning the page, we get into the meat and potatoes of this update. This isn't just a salad, no no no. This is the mom's spaghetti of 2011. (I'm hungry, sorry!)

Crocodiles came to Jamaa! Nowadays it's rare to seem them around, but back then, these were... also rare animals it seems, according to the paper. They also started out with female eyes, unlike today, and it's the only animal to ever do so.

But that's not even all! That's right, TWO large updates were on a single page. You could change the color of den items! Jammers seem to take this for granted now, but this was HUGE. Finally, a den didn't have to be a miss-match of colors. After a page about online safety, another big announcement dropped on page three.


Today in Jamaa History, hamsters were added to the game! Wow, the 6th pet. We've come along way haven't we? These pets were members only on their release.

Thats all for today Jammers, cya around!

- Yellow

Update Thursday & Wild Weekend

Good Thursday afternoon, Jammers! Today is yet another update day for AJHQ, and they are releasing all kinds of fantastic news for the game and the lore of Jamaa! Let's dive into the Journal.

Screen Shot 2018-08-16 at 6.10.33 PM.png

First up, the new Wild Weekend sale theme! This week, Prank Weekend is here; you can get all sorts of prank den items in the Diamond Shop along with some wacky new clothing items! All den items are 1 diamond each, and buying a full set of the clothing items only costs 9 diamonds!

Of course you'll need a new animal to put all these crazy clothes on. Introducing the Autumn Coyote! Similar to the Spring Bunny and Polar Arctic Fox, this animal has its own aura of colorful leaves! All of the same actions of a regular coyote, just with a unique pattern (and better eyeliner).  Looking for some assets of these new coyotes? Click HERE to go to our latest asset page.

Now, for anyone following Animal Jam lore, this part of the update might interest you! Many things about Juno have been revealed, including a message from the ancient hero themselves... plus, notes from the current Alphas Graham and Peck, and a new shop within the temple!

They reveal that in order to protect multiple packs within the area in a war with the Phantoms, Juno locked themself in the temple to protect Balloosh, sealing the land with their own powers and turning to stone. Who are these new maysterious figures: Star and Fang?

Aside from the tragic story of Juno's transformation, all Jammers can still honor the great hero with these new den items in the new store: Ancient Treasures. There are 6 new Juno-themed items including their own flag!

However, this code Juno mentions is no joke! Be sure to redeem the code "Juno" in settings for a Hidden Juno statue!

Screen Shot 2018-08-16 at 6.31.34 PM.png

Next up, Animal Jam announces the celebration of National Honeybee Day! All Jammers can get a pet bee and learn about them by clicking on fact banners around Jamaa! Don't forget to check out Jam Mart Furniture for plenty of bee-themed items such as honey combs and bee boxes.

Screen Shot 2018-08-16 at 6.12.01 PM.png

The following page mentions a new exhibit in the Conservation Museum: Wild Peaks! While it doesn't tell us about the Alphas, it's a fantastic way to learn about new animals and their habitats. On an unrelated note but the same Journal page, double gems can be earned when you play Sky High this week.

Screen Shot 2018-08-16 at 6.12.11 PM.png

And finally, a surprise announcement of new items to come in an abstract theme! Plus a little reminder that school is on the way, and many buddies are yet to be met!

Screen Shot 2018-08-16 at 6.12.20 PM.png

Want more assets, updates, and news? Be sure to check back with the Animal Jam Archives for new posts every week!

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Masterpiece Monday #10

Greetings! I’m King, and I’ll be your host this week. Let’s get started with our first masterpiece this week, shall we?


Firstly is Snickerapu’s Julian2 piece. The colored lineart makes the piece pop, and the shading is awesome, as well.


Next up is Sorasai’s piece inspired by the movie Finding Dory. The way baby Dory was captured is adorable, and no I love the texture in this piece especially.


This piece drawn by Jammer001371 shows two purple winged wolves flying through a gorgeous scene. I love the colors, and he background is awesome.


Finally, we have gwaver’s waterfall scene! The rushing water looks so realistic, and so does the brick and moss. In addition, the lighting is gorgeous! 

If you’ve ever wanted to see your piece here, send over an email with the title Masterpiece Monday Submission to and one day it’ll appear here! 

That’s it for now, everyone. Play wild! 


Masterpiece Monday #9

Hey there! It’s KingJamaa with the ninth week of Masterpiece Monday. How about we get started?


 Eahhollyblossom’s Tavie piece really stood out to me! I love the background, bubbles, and how they drew the dolphin alpha in Animal Jam’s style.


Secondly is Cengizhan’s beautiful eye piece. The colors are awesome, and the blending is amazing. Also, the eyelashes are gorgeous!


 doglil takes the spot for our third masterpiece with a gorgeous willow tree. The lighting is stunning, and the overall piece isn’t phenomenal.


Last but not least is i8ayummycake’s artwork of a girl holding a violin. I adore the colors, and the birds are a nice addition.

To see your piece here, email it to with the title Masterpiece Monday Submission. We’ll be sure to show yours one week!

Anyways, thanks for reading. Ciao!


Today in Jamaa History: A Single Remain

Hey Jammers, Yellow here! Today I have a brief but notable event. Today in Jamaa History...

the oldest archived Jamaa Journal was released! It's... fairly boring. But hey, that was the beta for you. This wasn't a very major event. Heck, we don't even have the rest of the newspaper. However, it is the oldest image we have, and I think that's pretty cool.

Happy jamming everyone.

- Yellow

Thursday Update: Wild Weekend and Juno the Ancient Alpha!

Hey Jammers! Elvis3480 here to report all of the latest happenings in Jamaa, starting with the Jamaa Journal!

On the first page, news of this weeks' Wild Weekend sale! From these waterpark themed items will only be available from today, Thursday, to Sunday in the diamond shop. Be sure to pick up all of these awesome summer items for your waterpark dens!

Next up, reports from the Alphas! The arctic wolf statue being investigated in the Temple of the Ancients is none other than Juno, the arctic wolf Alpha. There have been many theories surrounding the statue but it has been revealed that the Ancient hero once fought of phantoms alongside sabertooth cats and dire wolves. They also happen to be Jamaa's first nonbinary hero! Cosmo has left a note by the foot of the statue about how he senses the great power within the temple and wonders how the statue was built. Graham leaves a letter nearby suggesting an investigation of the materials and construction of the temple and the statue. It all seems too new...

A new lore page is yet to come to the Archives, so stay tuned!

crystal palace.png

On the next page, it is announced that the Crystal Palace will be returning to the Diamond Shop! This den has a wonderful crystal blue theme and works great for making palace dens, schools, or even extravagant adventure hideouts!

On the 4th page, as some of you Jammers might've guessed, you'll learn that TIKI TROUBLE is back! In this awesome timed adventure you and 3 other buddies can search the tropical islands for items to bring back to the tiki statues that guard the island for pearls. Bring these pearls to Tavie, and you'll receive a prize! Not only will the dolphin alpha give you tropical den items, you can find plenty of chests around the islands! Some hidden in caverns, others floating in the water. 

Screen Shot 2018-08-02 at 12.33.00 PM.png

Next up, you'll see the back-to-school party has come back on the queue! Be sure to drop by this party for some snazzy items! It just so happens to be available every 3 hours so keep track of the bell schedule! 

And on the final page, AJHQ has announced their newest animal coming to Jamaa! Autumn coyotes will soon be available in the Diamond shop!

Screen Shot 2018-08-02 at 1.50.16 PM.png

Looking for more? Be sure to stop by the Animal Jam Archives for all of the newest updates, lore, assets, and game events!

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Masterpiece Monday #8

Hello, everyone! Today, we’ve got another edition of Masterpiece Monday. Without further ado, please enjoy! 



Artisticc11’s squirrel piece is our first for today. I love how they’ve added the texture on the animal, as it really gives the piece some life. In addition, the background is phenomenal!


Secondly we have Astilbe’s sunrise/set piece. I adore the brightness of the overall scene, and the blending is amazing.


This wonderful cat piece by Toxicmedow4601 is sure to blow you away! The proportions are so well thought out, and the fur is subtle yet effective.


Last but not least is Nimadoodle’s fox piece. The lineart is so smooth, and the detail is awesome. In addition, the background really makes the fox stand out!

If you’ve made a masterpiece you’d like shown here, don’t be afraid to email it on over to with Masterpiece Monday Submission as the title!

Anyways, that’ll be it for today. I’ll see you in the wild!


Phantom-Flag Bundle

Woah, there is a phantom ship ahoy! "Captain its coming closer". Ok guys, time to do what we do best at, we are going to RAID there ship. CAPTAIN LOOK AT ALL THESE FLAGS I TOOK FROM THE SHIP!! We should give them to the jammers of Jamaa! 

Hey, Jammers. Thanks to the pirates, that sail the see's, we have these new Phantom Flags! Make sure to download this awsome bundle RIGHT NOW!

 Click here to download the bundle. 

Click here to download the bundle. 


Today in Jamaa History: Abandoned Outback

Hey Jammers! Yellow here, with another edition of TiJH. Today, we'll be exploring a part of history, that isn't touched by many jammers today. Its...

Kangaroos and Kimbara Outback! These were a big deal when they first released! Let's take this update page by page shall we?

Kangaroos were a pretty big deal when they first released. They were the first new diamond shop animal (Lions, Arctic Wolves, and Snow Leopards already existed from gift cards). However, this wasn't the first appearance  Kangaroos had been spotted in Jamaa over a month before this update! If you'd like to know more about that, check out this ancient video from Snowyclaw:

Here's a picture of the card talked about in the video:

Kangaroos weren't the only new thing released this day though, there was also a new land!


It sucked.

I was there for this update and Kimbara Outback was sooooo boring. All that you could do was the Journey Book, and that's it. The Medical Center and Outback imports opened later on. To get to Kimbara Outback, which was a real challenge at the time because the room was always full (We didn't have find open world back in those days), you'd probably use the world map. Except before using the world map your jaw would drop when you saw it had completely changed.


There was a ton of backlash from the community towards the new map. I don't like it personally, except for that Coral Canyons was finally more than a tiny rock with stairs.


Koalas also returned in this update, because they had left to discover Kimbara Outback.


The new item for the day was the phantom shirt! Happy Jamming everyone! TiJH is going to be taking a small break but will return soon.

- Yellow

Masterpiece Monday #7

Hello, everyone! It’s King, and today I’m back with another edition of Masterpiece Monday. We have four awesome artworks to showcase, so how about we get started?


Our first piece is drawn by Fruitsbasket11223. The colors of the piece are awesome. And the shading is extraordinary as well. In addition, the pose on the girl is so well made! 


Next up is a rather interesting piece by Doglil– it’s of Brady Barr! The anatomy of his face is on the dot, and the way you got the photo accurately is stunning.


Xxblurryxx has made a piece depicting a dog and cat snuggling against each other. The texture of the piece is awesome, and the way you combined realism with cartoon is amazing!


Phantomwarden’s masterpiece is the last for today, but it’s definitely a good one. The lines are so smooth, and the phantom eye behind Greely is amazing. In addition, the wolf alpha is so incredibly amazing.

If you’d like one of your pieces featured, please send it through an email to with the title Masterpiece Monday Submission! Thanks for all your support.

That’ll be it for this time! Ciao, and have a nice day.


Thursday Updates & Wild Weekend

Good afternoon, Jammers! As you may know, every Thursday AJHQ releases exclusive items in themes for "Wild Weekends". Every other week, AJHQ updates the game with new features, animals, lands, adventures, and more! You can find most of this information in the Jamaa Journal. Here's what the weekly newspaper has in store:

Screen Shot 2018-07-19 at 3.46.02 PM.png

On the first page, there's an announcement of the new Block Party Wild Weekend! You can now get barbecue themed items for a delicious cookout in your den! All of the items are available in the Diamond shop from today, July 19th, until Sunday, July 22nd. 

On the next page, an announcement from the Alphas! Liza and Sir Gilbert have been exploring Balloosh and are curios about the arctic wolf statue inside the temple. They believe there may be more to the ancient history of Jamaa than the recovery of two heartstones. 

Screen Shot 2018-07-19 at 3.46.33 PM.png

Although the Alphas haven't shared all of their discoveries with Jamaa, there were two journal pages left behind in the temple.

Be sure to check back with the Animal Jam Archives for more information on this new lore! 

Screen Shot 2018-07-19 at 3.46.50 PM.png

On a lighter note, a party update! The Beta Party and its exclusive shop will be returning to Jamaa's queue. And not to be forgotten, the Summer Carnival is still open and there are plenty of of games to play, tickets to earn, and summer items to buy!

Screen Shot 2018-07-19 at 3.46.42 PM.png

With all of these new party items, you may be looking for the perfect den to put them in... well you're in luck, becausr the Mushroom has returned to stores! The circular floors make a great flat wall to put beta party items by, and the nature-y summer aesthetic makes for a great June, August, and September seasonal den. 

And last but not least, a promo update. Now, instead of the beloved Artist's Dream bundle, falcons have come with the code on the back of your membership card! It is not clear yet what items come with this bundle; whether it be the same furniture set as years past or a new deign. 

This week has surprised everyone on the team with Wild Weekends, lore exploration, old parties coming back! We hope you enjoy the updates, and be sure to check back with the Animal Jam Archives for news, quizzes, assets, and more!

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Today in Jamaa History: Bunnies Find a Home

Hey Jammers! Yellow here, it's time for another edition of Today in Jamaa History! Today, I have something a bit different for you.

It's the release of Animal Jam's first app! This happened wayyy before Play Wild, a whole five years ago (as of today)! Some of you may not even be familiar with this game, because AJHQ doesn't promote it these days. In it's time however, it was pushed a ton!

The AJHQ animators did a wonderful job on this trailer! The Jamaa Journal also talked about a special event happening in that weekend only in-game:

 You can find the video in the Jamaa Journal the same youtube channel as the video above.

You can find the video in the Jamaa Journal the same youtube channel as the video above.

I actually had this bunny on my long gone ipod touch... Oh well... On a more interesting note, you might notice the July 18th date there. Tunnel Town did not do a quiet launch. July 18th was the big day and AJHQ made sure everyone knew by sending out Jam-a-Grams.

That's all for today Jammers!


Elf item's bundle

Hey, Jammers! Have you been trying to find more clothing items on the site? Well here is a asset pack of ALL the elf items, including... Tails, Helmets, Cuffs, and Armor! Make sure to download this SPECTACULAR bundle today!!

Special thanks to Blurryvibes for helping with some of these items items.

 Click Here to download the bundle.

Click Here to download the bundle.

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Masterpiece Monday #6

Hello jammers! My name is KingJamaa, and I’m pleased to be your host this fine day. Today, we have four amazing masterpieces by talented individuals to share, so let’s get started!


Fruitsbasket11223 has made a brilliant piece! The clouds look as fluffy as they would in reality, and the blending of the colors is phenomenal! In addition, I love the person with the violin in the foreground, it really makes the piece original in my opinion.


Secondly, Blackwolf507’s black cat masterpiece is absolutely adorable! I adore the kitty’s shining blue eyes, and the background of greens and dark blues really make the creature pop.


Next up is Kittycorgi’s bright fantasy scene. Use of bright colors was definitely a good decision, and the lighting is spot-on. To add on, the detail is amazing!


Last but not least calls for Sorasai’s puppy artwork. I love all the small details, and the colors are spontaneous!

Well, that’ll be it for masterpieces this week. If you have your own masterpiece to send in, you can email it to support@animaljamarchives.comwith the subject line Masterpiece Monday Submission! Maybe one day it’ll appear here, hm?

Anyways, I’ll see you in Jamaa. Have an awesome week!


Animal Jam Community Discord

Hey jammers! Yellowdash here! Today I have an exciting announcement for you all. The Animal Jam Archives has partnered up with the AJC discord server, and we want you all to join!

 You're famous now guys

You're famous now guys

If you like Animal Jam or Animal Jam Play Wild, join us here! We talk about the game, post art, make trades, and have a great time. Sometimes you might even have a chance of encountering an AJA member. You can join the AJC with the invite below:

Which den is right for you? A new quiz!

Hey Jammers! Yellow here! Are you looking to decorate a den, but don't know which one to choose? I have the solution for you! This handy and magic quiz I've created will help you figure out the perfect den, just for you! Give it a try below.

Are you happy with what you got? Share your result in the comments of this post! There's 15 total results, so I recommend playing around and seeing what all you can get. Happy jamming!

- Yellowdash