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Fer.al is not only letting you sign up for its Newsletter, but you can also now sign up for beta testing! To join the newsletter or signup for beta testing, you must be 13 years or older of age. If you would like to sign up for the news letter or beta testing, please click here or go to Fer.al! More information about Feral coming soon!


With the announcement of Wildworks’ (the company that makes Animal Jam) new game Fer.al, we will be expanding! Our website, Feral Archives, will be opening up soon! It’ll include collections of assets, blog posts, guides, news, and more.

If you would like to join a community to discuss the game as news comes out, please check out our Discord Server!

Aren’t in the loop about Feral? Watch this video from jambassador Wisteriamoon as she explains more about the game:

Is Animal Jam dying or shutting down? NO! If you're thinking of quitting Animal Jam, this is the video you need to watch, because this year Animal Jam is releasing a BRAND NEW game called Feral!

Ready or Not: Chapter 3

Hey Jammers! Cuteypie here, bringing you all the third chapter of the Ready or Not series! Before I go any further, however, there is one thing I would like to make mention. I haven’t posted a chapter in TWO WEEKS! I do explain this in the AJMV below, but I’d also like to post it here. The first week, I was away camping with no data or Wi-Fi. The second week, I actually had my work space flood, causing me to have to devote most of my time to cleaning up and reorganizing. I am still on the lookout for a new desk, so I have been using a makeshift cubby as one. But now that that’s all cleared up, let’s get into the chapter!

I ran for what seemed like an eternity. The only new things I was passing were different kinds of trees. After awhile, I threw my hands up into the air, walked over to a tree, slumped down, and huffed. 

“This-this is hopeless!” I exclaimed, out of breath. I looked up at the sky, noticing the flock of birds flying together. That’s when an idea popped into my head. 

“Here goes nothing.” I said, flicking my wrist. Instantly, wings sprouted onto my back. They were a beautiful red color. I smiled, making a mental note to show that off to mother. I took off into the sky. 

“Jamaa is a beautiful place. I don’t know why mother hates it so much.” I said to myself, noticing all of the colorful flowers and green grass that filled the land outside of the forest I called home for the last twelve years. 

“This is definitely a change of view from what I’m used to!” I exclaimed, landing to take a better look at this new change of scenery. 

“Growing soft, are we? I thought you’d be weak.” I heard a deep voice laugh. I frantically searched around for the source, but came up empty-handed. 

“Are you even a phantom?” The voice roared. I tugged on my ear in frustration. 

“Who are you?” I called out. 

“Oh, Mariah. You clueless, little wolf.” The voice taunted. Who was this guy?

“How do you know my name?” I asked. 

“Trust me. I know a lot about you. Destroyer? Ha!” The voice screeched with laughter. I stomped my foot. 

“At least I’m not a coward hiding from a kid. Show yourself!” I demanded. The voice laughed. 

“You really think I’m a coward, granddaughter?” The voice called out. Granddaughter? 

After a few moments of thought, I gasped. 

“The Phantom King?” I shrieked. Suddenly, a large phantom with a shiny, gold crown appeared in front of me. He was about ten times the size of my mother in her true form! 

“In the flesh, little one. Say, can you even become a phantom yet?” The king asked, laughing as he did so. 

“Not yet.” I muttered. I see where my mother gets her snobbiness from. I sulked down with sadness. Why was everyone so judgy about me not being “all powerful” yet? I’m still just a kid! 

“Yet your mother gave you the Destroyer Bracelet? Hatchi is still definitely unworthy.” The king shook his head in disbelief. 

“What?” I questioned. 

“Oh, nothing. Can you even do anything?” He asked snarkily. I huffed at his attitude. 

“I can actually. I’m off to Jamaa Township to prove it, your majesty.” I snapped back. The king’s eye widened but retracted after. 

‘And what is that?” The king asked. I took a deep breath. 

“I am simply going to Jamaa Township, causing havoc, having the Alphas come to the rescue, and freezing them in time with the freezing spell!” I exclaimed, proud of my handiwork with coming up with evil plans. It must come naturally when all you do is read and think about how you’ll prove yourself to your people. 

“You really think it’s that easy? You’re naive.” The king told me. 

“At least I have a plan. When was the last time you tried to attack on your own and not have your minions do your bidding?” I retorted. 

“I’d watch your tone. I can destroy lands in a moment.” The king boasted. 

“Can that large body of yours fit that obnoxious ego of yours?” I snapped. The king growled. 

“Enough! Your plan is decent, but you aren’t strong enough to pull it off.” The king informed me. 

“Let’s see about that.” I smiled, turning my back on my grandfather. When I turned to see if he was still there, he had vanished. Pfft. Coward. 

I began to make my way back on track, taking note of the beautiful scenery below and above me. The clouds made interesting shapes, the flowers blew around in the cool breeze, the water was a beautiful, crystal blue. Wait, water? I stopped dead in my tracks to observe my location. A map would’ve been pretty useful right now! A mile or so away, I could faintly see a colorful swirl far in the horizon. 

As I flew closer towards the strange object, it came into view. It was a wickedly long waterslide in the center of some sort of a beach land. 

“So this is Crystal Sands.” I said, landing behind a large building. I flicked my wrist, my wings disappearing as fast as they had come. I fluffed my dress, fixed my hat, and strutted out to see the world I was shielded from for so many years. 

There were animals of all different kinds running around, swimming, and chatting. I watched in awe as two little otters swam around, diving for toy fish. It all felt so right to me. But I knew I couldn’t stick around. I had to prove myself. I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, and continued along a path to Jamaa Township. 

Read Chapter FOUR now!! https://www.animaljamarchives.com/home//ready-or-not-chapter-4

Thanks for reading! Jam On!

Decorating DIYs #11

Hello! I’m King, and today I’ll be bringing you the eleventh edition of Decorating DIYs. How about we get started? 


I created a pet skate park by using the brand new skateboarding ramp items in Jam Mart. By incorporating pets and plants, I added some extra life to the decoration. Additionally, I think that the addition of the sewer cap and skateboard add for a bit of decor to the den.

Anyways, that’s it for now. Farewell, and play wild! 


3 Healthy Trading Strategies

3 strategies to keep in mind while trading in Animal Jam!

Trading is an exceptional way to spend time in Animal Jam, you can collect new wacky/popular items, unpopular items to stand out, explore the map for your journey to find the perfect item, socialize with other members of the game, and etc. With that said, although trading can be an excellent way to spend time in AJ. It can also cause quite a bit of stress and/or frustration. The last thing the community needs is negativity caused by trading in the game. Therefore, here are 3 healthy strategies that you can use while trading in Animal Jam!  

1. Scheduling break times.  

After trading for a long time, if not completely successful it can become very frustrating and potentially toxic. If this is something you find to be quite common when trading in Animal Jam, it is OK to take breaks. In fact, I’d recommend scheduling breaks ranging from at least 5 minutes or more to re-gather your thoughts. There are plenty of other things to do in Animal Jam, which you can read more about in other articles on the AJA, such as




2. Do NOT engage with arguments about worths.

There will be times where even if a trade you’ve offered a person is fair, they may decline. Although it might be frustrating, engaging into an argument with them about what is fair and what isn’t is not worth anyone's time. Not only does it take the time that could be used to move onto trading with someone else, but it only fuels the anger and negativity around trading and the community. If you are in a place where after fairly trading or even overtrading with someone, you still get declined. It would be healthier to simply move onto someone else or take a break. Millions of people play Animal Jam, and plenty of trading goes on all day every day.


3. Have fun! It is a game after all.

It is easy to become overly attached to trading, but it is also easy to get blind-sided by the eagerness and competition of it. There are ways to find fun and positivity in trading by being kind and understanding to others, taking time to trade for silly items as a way to change the routine, traveling to different parts of Jamaa and meeting new people, and etc. It’s okay to reach and work hard for your dream items in AJ, but just remember it’s a game, after all, it’s all about having fun!


Decorating DIYs #10

Hello! I’m King, and today I have another edition of Decorating DIYs. Today, I have a cute little   decoration to share!  


I have a nature-y bedroom design situated around my main character, Explorer, whom is a deer. His primary color schemes aren’t green and white, with a hint of red, so implemented those into my den. If you want to create a den resembling your character, make sure you pay attention to their colors, species, and things they might like to have in a den. Be sure to have a close eye to detail, as well. For example, I created a detailed bedframe using a wooden couch and lucky bench, along with pixelated fences. I also used a Sigurd statue and deer topiary to resemble his species.

Anyways, that’s it for now! I’ll see you next time. 


Decorating DIYs #9

Hey Jammers! It's Cuteypie here, taking over Decorating DIYs for the week for King! Today we have a den inspired by the American holiday approaching on Monday, Memorial Day!


This den is a cookout inspired by this American holiday that honors the men and women that died in service. In my family, we always go camping and have a nice, big cookout on the fire with family and friends. I tried using red, white, and blue (America's colors) as my scheme, but I left a few other items their original colors. I thought the new Beach Cooking Pot item would match the cookout theme perfectly! Jam On