Happy 2nd Birthday, AJPW!

It's Animal Jam: Play Wild's release birthday! Animal Jam: Play Wild (or AJPW) is the mobile version of Jamaa, that you can take with you on Amazon, Android, iOS, and Google devices incase you didn't know. If you log in to mobile (on your device such as and iPad or phone) Jamaa, enter this code for a special surprise:

Birthday Code: PWBDAY2

Birthday Code: PWBDAY2

You'll receive a sweet surprise that looks suspiciously like the cake that lynx is wearing...


To discover what your gift is, log onto AJPW today, enter this code, and enjoy your sweet treat.

Happy Birthday, Play Wild!

Check out AJPW here.


Hey Jammers! It's TypicalRocky here, and today I am going to be showing you guys how to get the NEW antique item. If you didn't notice, AJHQ always has updated their epic dens. This time it's the bounce house den. To get this item go to World Map>Epic Dens>Bounce house> 2nd floor>Press on the green rug. This limited edition  item is the antique rug! Get yours today while you can! hmm what is this?! Is this some sort of pattern?..first the antique lamp, then the antique table and now the antique rug!! I wonder what's next!

Tiki Trouble Prizes!

Have you checked out the brand new tropical adventure for all jammers? Head on over to Tiki Trouble or check out this post for some of the prizes you can receive!

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Hey Jammers It's TypicalRocky here! A new member of the Animal Jam Archives. Today I have recently found a new item in Graham's Observatory and I just HAD to spread the word. This item is called the Antique Item! but...Don't wait too long to buy this item. This exclusive item is only available for only a few weeks! Get yours today while you can! To get this item, all you have to do is click on the World Map>Epic dens>Graham's Observatory, then you look around for an Antique Table with a TV set on top, click on the table and TA-DAH!! Hope you enjoy this new item! Jam on! if you would like more information and where it's located, check out my new video! 

The Adventures of Little Thebrave Episode 1: Alone and Scammed

Once upon a time, a wild elephant was wandering through the Appondale mud, soaking up some rays while baking himself in nature’s sunblock.

Little Thebrave was not a popular elephant, so when a wolf approached him, he got very excited.

“Hello! Wanna be friends?” The kind wolf asked. “Y- YES!” The elephant shouted happily. “Wow, I can’t believe this is happening, I made a friend!” Little thought aloud. “Oh, one small thing-“ The sly wolf smirked. “I need to make sure I can trust you, because friends need trust, right?” The wolf smiled. “Yeah, sure! How can I prove myself?” The happy elephant asked. “Send me a spike, and I’ll send it back to you. Then we’ll know we can trust each other!” “Oh, sure! Anything!” Little said, quickly sending off his prized black long spiked collar. The wolf ran off. 

Little had been crying for hours. He lost his friend and his only rare item. It was only until a tall giraffe named Snowflake approached him that he began to cheer up.

“What’s the matter, bud?” She asked quietly. “I was scammed.” Little said quietly, stomping his leg into the mud. “Oh my gosh! I’m so sorry! Not everyone is who they say they are.” She sighed. “Here, I know it’s not much, but take my masterpiece.” The giraffe smiled, handing over her lovely Mira masterpiece. “We’re going to be good friends.” She smiled. The two became best friends, Little spouting water from his trunk to cool the two off and Snowflake reaching the best leaves on the tops of high trees to hand off to her new buddy.

-                         -                         -                         -                         -                         -                         -

Thank you for reading my very first post here on the Animal Jam Archives! I hope to make this into a series that you would love to continue reading. I'm so glad I get to be a part of this lovely site. -Bepper

Happy Birthday, Snowy!

Heyaaa, jammers- it's your pal Tr3top here! Just in case you haven't heard, today is the owner of this blog's birthday! So from the whole AJA Team as well as all of the readers...

...have a JAMTASTIC birthday, SNOWY!

Here are just a few of the things that AJA team members as well as dedicated readers had to say:

"Happy birthday Snowy!!! I want to thank you for being way too kind to me!!! I can't begin to thank you enough!!! I honestly think you are one of the coolest nerds I've met! I really hope we continue to talk more!!  I hope you have the greatest birthday ever!! -Kuro"

"Snowy, thank you so much for helping me get to vidcon! You're such a sweet jammer and i don't know shY the community would be like without you💕" -Arcticstarz

"Happy birthday Snowy, you've always been so kind to all of your fans and you stay out of drama, I always saw you as the perfect community role model and appreciated all the hard work you do. I know you're going to have an amazing life traveling and working with wild works, and you deserve every second of it, happy birthday from Lamere💝💝"

"I love you Snowy! So sweet and funny! Best birthday wishes" from romney_moon

"Dear snowy claw, you are the most wonderful and greatest jammer around, and you care so much about this community. You inspire so many jammers and even inspired me to give back to the unrare and even sometimes the rare. All I know is that you honestly are my idol. And I love you so much and if there is a day I see you in jamaa I will freak. Because you are my idol, and maybe one day me and you will be best buddies!! I honestly hope one day I can become a jammer as wonderful as you❤️" -sacredsleepingflower

"Happy Birthday Snowy! Thanks for being such a pawesome friend  :)" -NebulaStar

"she's one of the most charismatic people I've ever met; super kind, humorous, and has an intrinsic personality" -GummyUnicorn

"You are the best and always make me smile ily" -Happiez

"Thanks so much Snowy for being the kindest, most mature, and inspirational person in this community! You are nice to everyone, never participate in drama, and have inspired people to follow their dream. I look up to you for pursuing what you love and working with Animal Jam after a long while of making videos about it and expressing your love for the game! I also would like to thank you again being the one to help me out in vidcon (2016) so I could find where to meet you and the others.  I hope you have a great birthday and have lots of fun!" -Snowycat246

"You're amazing, and such an inspiration for me. You are an amazing person! 💕" -sunnycosmoyt

"Dear Snowy! I am so glad we got closer this year, you're so talented and magical! I hope you have a fantastic birthday and make sure you spend it right! Love you SOOO much! Cherrioz❤️"

"Snowy, where do I start? You've been such an amazing friend and role model to me even when I was the most unknown jammer in the whole community. I honestly feel like I know you so well. You've taught me to always be myself and helped me make good decisions. I'm sure we'll continue to be great friends in the future, and for all you have done for others you definitely deserve to have an amazing birthday! Thank you so much for everything you've done for me as well as the entire community. I love ya, flower child <3" -Tr3top

Also, if you're reading this, I expect you to be at Snowy's livestream later today! All the info you need is in this handout:


Once again thank you so much Snowy for everything you've done for us! We hope you have a belated birthday and we'll see you during your stream!

Also, if you have something you want to say to Snowy feel free to comment :D -- Tr3top