The Buddy Game Adventure + Quiz

One day I was strolling through Jamaa, clueless. I've just stomped everyone in Best Dressed, spent the gems on some lovely items, and decorated my den. I was running out of things to do. 

Then, a satisfying noise alerted me that my buddy had just logged in. 

I tied back my fur in a loose pony-tail (or is it raccoon tail?) and prepared to begin another challenge. I pulled up my pal's player card and slid into the very first tab. It was time. 

Buddy. Games.

I battled through those rounds of Tic Tac Toe the hardest I've ever fought before. An X here, an O there. Moves and counters flew before my very eyes for what seemed like hours on end, although it was just precisely calculated seconds of moves upon moves.

I will win. I must win.

And of course I did. I wouldn't have told this story if it ended in me failing drastically. Now, who want's to read that!?

But how, you ask, did I decide on challenging my ever-so-worthy opponent to Tic Tac Toe? 

Obviously, I took the quiz, conveniently located below.

Which buddy game are you? Were you Tic Tac Toe like me, or on the opposite end of the spectrum, Bowling?

I'd love to hear about your results as well as your buddy gaming adventures, so don't hesitate to boast about them in our Disqus comment section! Also, what other quizzes or features would you be interested in seeing? Let us know about that too!


(If my art isn't legible, the banner says Tr3top. Tr3top wrote this post. And won the buddy games. But mostly the buddy games. Peace!)