[Quiz] Which nonmember animal are you?

What do you remember about Monthly Member Gifts? Take this quiz to find out!

Hey jammers, Yellow here! If you’re a bit of an older jammer like me, you might remember back when AJHQ gave out Monthly Member Gifts. Today I’ve got a special quiz for you to see how much you know of (or remember!) of those times. Check it out right below that nice picture of Jamma Township.

Which den is right for you? A new quiz!

Hey Jammers! Yellow here! Are you looking to decorate a den, but don't know which one to choose? I have the solution for you! This handy and magic quiz I've created will help you figure out the perfect den, just for you! Give it a try below.

Are you happy with what you got? Share your result in the comments of this post! There's 15 total results, so I recommend playing around and seeing what all you can get. Happy jamming!

- Yellowdash