Decorating DIYs #6

Hello! I’m KingJamaa, and welcome to Decorating DIYs!  Today, I have a spring decoration to share.


Most of this den is constructed with items currently or recently obtainable items through stores or adventures, which tells that you can do a lot with these kinds of items. Some can be extremely helpful, like the paint splats, stepping stones, and standing stones for the river and sturdy tables for the bridge! However, I do feel like I should’ve added some tulips or crocuses to the grass so it’s more lively.

Anyways, that’s it for now! Be sure to play wild.


Decorating DIYs #5

Hello, Jammers! Happy belated Pi Day, and a happy Lucky Day as well!  Today, I have a Pi Day themed decoration to share.


I decided to go for a red and pink theme with this den. The different pies really go for that pi theme, and the greenery surrounding provides for a sense of seclusion and tranquility.

Anyways, I’ll see you soon! Be sure to play wild. 


Animal Jam Skunk Trivia!

Skunks have come to Jamaa! Now is a great time to get to know our new friends a bit better (and hopefully not scare them)!

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Decorating DIYs #4

Hello! I’m KingJamaa, and I welcome you to another den showcase!  Today, I have a little sitting area in a lucky den!


By using ancient towers, standing stones, and a clover pond, I was able to transform a cliffside edge edge into a mystical garden. I also added a bench, gnome, and pot of gold to decorate the area more.

Anyways, that’s it for this week!  I’ll see you next time with a lucky day special.


Decorating DIYs #3

Hello! I’m King, and today I’ll ge showcasing one of my designs in the new Friendship Fortress for this week’s edition of Decorating DIYs!


I decided to add some more life to the fountain you see when you first spawn into the den.  I have a petunia flower bed at the bottom, and a beta well right above to hold the fountain’s spout. It’s key to have the well fit right into the rim of the fountain, so everything layers correctly and nothing looks wonky.

For decoration, I’ve added a heart-shaped well, rose garland, and a three heart candle behind the golden arches.  I also added two rose bushes, grass with worms, and sunflowers to add to the theme of the den- a fortress symbolizing one of my closest friendships. (Sunflowers are a part of one of our insides jokes.)

Anyways, that’s it for now! I’ll see you in two weeks.


Decorating DIYs #2

Hello! My name is KingJamaa, and today I’m back with another decoration! This is a part of my valentine’s den, and you’re free to use this idea, too! It fits well around the frozen pond of the friendship cottage, but it can go almost anywhere as long as you have the right amount if items for the houses!


For the cottages, I used tropical tables, shoji screens, medieval chairs, ancient stairs, elegant hanging rugs, frosting icicles, brick chimneys, snowy windows, and mailboxes. I decided to add some pets around the rink as well, and add in some ice skates, hockey sticks, and frozen pond gap for some ice fishing.

Anyways, that’ll be it for this week. I’ll see you soon! Be sure to play wild. 


Friendship Festival Update News

Image from iOS (2).png

Hey, Jammers! I’m Celebrati0n, and today we’re going over the newest Animal Jam update!

Some very adorable Love Bunnies have hopped into Jamaa! How could you not love this little

guy? The perfect pet for the Friendship Festival! These cuties are quite similar to the older

bunny pets, but they have a sweet little heart on their heads, and some different friendship

themed items in the Pet Stop! And they can be purchased for gems! Awesome, right?

Image from iOS (6).jpg

Next, Chinese New Year has rolled around, bringing with it all the fun festivities. This year

celebrates the pig, which means you can find all sorts of cool pig items at the Chinese New

Year party! You must have a pig to enter the party, but luckily Jamaa’s pigs are available for all

Jammers for only five diamonds!

Image from iOS (3).png

Now, New Year’s Fortune, the seasonal adventure celebrating Chinese New Year, has returned

to Jamaa! In this fun adventure, you must hunt for red envelopes filled with gems and exclusive

items! It may seem hard, but you’ll see when you enter the adventure that a kind little dragon

has decided to aid you in finding these treasures.

Image from iOS (7).jpg

Moving on, we have another seasonal adventure ready to play! Special Delivery, the adventure

celebrating the Friendship Festival in Jamaa has returned! In this adventure you’ll be helping Rose the owl deliver some valentines to the animals of Jamaa in exchange for some fun

friendship themed items! With the Friendship Festival also comes the return of the Friendship

Party! Get ready to have some fun with your buddies at this cool party!

Image from iOS (8).jpg

Lastly, we have Safer Internet Day on February 5th! A day dedicated to staying safe online with

your friends! Lots of banners have been scattered about Jamaa. Click them to learn helpful tips

for staying safe online! You can also take the Online Safety Quiz in the Chamber Of Knowledge

at the Temple Of Zios!

That’s all for today’s update folks! Happy jamming!

your friends! Lots of banners have been scattered about Jamaa. Click them to learn helpful tips

for staying safe online! You can also take the Online Safety Quiz in the Chamber Of Knowledge

at the Temple Of Zios!

That’s all for today’s update folks! Happy jamming!

Interview with Lovewithsongz!

Hey guys! It’s Relays here, back with another post. Today, I will be doing an interview with Nutelli! I hope all of you guys enjoy.

Question 1: How did you feel when you opened the letter from AJHQ announcing you where becoming a Jambassador?


Lovewithsongz: I was so so SO excited! I was sitting on the couch and I had to check my email to reset my password for something, when I saw the email I was shocked!

Question 2: When did you first start playing AJ?

Lovewithsongz: I started playing animal jam in December of 2012 when my friend Rachel from church recommended it to me

Question 3: What was your first username?

Lovewithsongz: My first username was actually Lovewithsongs with an s. This account was banned though because my mom filed a paypal dispute against Animal Jam back in 2013 because she wanted to cancel my membership subscription. This is against the animal jam rules, so they banned my account :(

Question 4: What made you want to start creating AJ videos?

Lovewithsongz: I wanted to be just like Julian2... in the beginning I even copied everything he said in his videos. It’s super embarrassing.

Question 5: Ok, last question. What was your most EMBARRASSING AJ moment?

Lovewithsongz: I can’t really remember anything super embarrassing! I guess my old “hyper” videos from when I was 10 and 11

Thank you so much for letting us interview you Love!


Decorating DIYs #1

Hello! I’m KingJamaa, and today I’m going to be releasing my brand new segment, Decorating DIYs. Every two weeks, I’ll be back with another denception, full den, or den snippet and showing you how to make one of you’re own. Today, we’ll be exploring the nature bungalow!


This creation was made in the grassy area of the enchanted hollow den. Epic Jamaaliday trees and boomseed trees line the sides, and a giant pond situates itself here as well. I took on a green, yellow, and white theme for this den, and I think it looks very well situated.

If you’d like to make one of your own,  my advice is to experiment! Use a lot of different plants, but make sure they keep your theme. Lanterns and lights are must, as well! I used a standard lantern, some underwater lanterns, and light strands.

Anyways, that’ll be it for this week! Play wild, everyone.